Jean-Sébastien Marcil has over 20 years of experience as a geological engineer in oil and gas exploration and mining in Quebec and North America. As Director of Exploration for Junex Inc. (now Cuda O & G), he coordinated the teamwork that led to the discovery of major natural gas and oil companies in Quebec. Through his duties, he has been managing projects in the United States and doing project evaluations elsewhere in Canada, as well as in Latin America, Europe and Africa. The first employee hired by JUNEX in May 2001, he was employed by the company until 2018, after which he founded Derena Geosciences, his own energy consulting business, and natural resources. The main consulting services offered by Derena Geosciences are :

• Technical and strategic support for energy and mining projects
• Exploration technology development assistance
• The preparation, drafting and revision of regulatory documents

Mr. Marcil holds a bachelor’s degree in geological engineering from Laval University in Quebec City and an inter-university degree in Earth Sciences from Laval University – INRS in Quebec City. He has also collaborated on several major research projects, including three-dimensional geological mapping, hypersaline brine study, petroleum geochemistry, geological disposal, geoscience artificial intelligence applications and geoscience applications. deep geothermal energy. He is a member of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec and the American Association of Petroleum Geologist.